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Taylor Eaton

Taylor Eaton

My name is Taylor Eaton. I’m a California native who, after traveling across Europe and the US, finally migrated back to my hometown in Southern California where I’ve been pursuing my love of writing.

During my travels I picked up a B.A. in Linguistics, some fluency in French and Italian, a partial Masters, and a love of wine. And all the while I never stopped writing. Journaling, blogging, fiction-ing – I’ve always found myself at my happiest when I have pen, paper, and an hour to kill.

I am currently working on a handful of novellas and novels, while writing flash/micro-fiction (really, really short stories) for my own amusement. After hiding my work in scattered notebooks and on the backs of receipts for years, I created Little Write Lies – a home for my short fiction. I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

For more of my writing, check out my books!

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