God Gave Me Butterfly Wings

GGMBW Final Cover“God Gave Me Butterfly Wings” is a whimsical collection of flash fiction (very short stories) that turn religion, myth, and legend upside-down. In these pages exist fallen angels, helpless gods, and glimpses of the afterlife.

These tiny stories are perfect for those that love to read complete stories, but never seem able to find the time to finish an entire novel.

DISCLAIMER: This collection is composed of stories that touch on religion, myth, and legend. This is not a text that has a religious slant – it is not meant to be a collection of your typical religious tales. In fact, the stories are generally dark and a bit controversial. Read at your own discretion.

You can pick up a copy of God Gave Me Butterfly Wings on Amazon (Nook and Kobo forthcoming). Make sure to leave a review after finishing it at either Amazon or Goodreads!

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