Freedom in the Infinite

FitII have something I must tell you. Something that I imagine will go ignored by most. But something I feel important. Something you need to hear. And that something is this: you know nothing about the true nature of space.

Scientists and the humans who have flown amongst the stars will give you the facts about space. About the vast infiniteness that surrounds us. They’ll tell you the chemicals that make up a star. The principles of a vacuum. The physics of gravity – or the lack thereof.

But what they won’t tell you about are the sensations. What it feels like to Continue reading

A Hundred Lives

A hundred livesWherever the king went, rumors followed, clinging to his shadow and echoing in his footsteps.

“He’s lived a hundred lives before this one,” the nobles whispered. “And he remembers each one. He has knowledge and wisdom that far surpasses that of any typical mortal.”

He went into town and his citizens fell to their knees, singing praises and calling out his name as though it were a prayer.

He ate at a banquet and the waitstaff kept Continue reading

Another Year

Another Year“Another year gone,” Amelia sighed, sitting down at her desk and picking up a pen.

She took a good long moment to reflect back on what had gone well this year. And what had gone wrong.

“The vacation to French Polynesia…that was good,” she mumbled to herself, her head bobbing in contentment as she scribbled out a short list on a piece of loose paper.

“And the new car, that too.” A smile played across her lips now, but was quickly replaced with a scowl.

“But not the three day Continue reading

Winter Magic

Winter MagicWinter is the coldest time of year. The season when animals and plants are scarce. The time when the other witches pack away their cauldrons, bind up their spell books, and enter into their own sort of hibernation.

“There’s not enough daylight,” some witches complain.

“It’s too cloudy at night to see the moon,” others insist.

“There aren’t enough ingredients for potions, what with all the frost.”

The excuses are endless. But I hold my tongue and say nothing as they wave at me before shutting their doors and holing up until the snow thaws.

Instead of locking myself away for the season, I put on Continue reading

Heart of Snow

Heart of SnowHer heart was made of snow. Cold and impossible to hold without wanting to let go.

She told me that when we first met. Not as a disclaimer or as a warning, but as a plea.

“Do not try to thaw me,” she begged. “Do not try to love me.”

And I promised I wouldn’t. But I knew it was a lie. She was fierce and I wanted to tame her – to own that storm for myself.

Every day, while the weather grew colder, I held her closer. I drew her Continue reading

Winter Wanderer

Winter WandererYou have heard of me, but the events have been twisted, the names have been changed, and the story has been rewritten.

I am not a man, jolly and grey, toiling away in a workshop. I am a woman, sharp and young, journeying with the winter snows.

My travel companions are not twelve spry reindeer, but eight cunning wolves. And they do not fly on the winds of winter magic. Their names aren’t whimsical, not fit for a children’s song, but are the names of the eight directions of the wind. They are fierce. Quick. And have no qualms about killing to protect me.

I do not travel in a sleigh, nor do I dirty myself sliding down chimneys, and I do not bring toys to children. I guide the winter weather. I bring the chill in the air that makes the warmth of your home a welcome embrace. I fly on flurries of ice. I command the snow that hugs the ground and quiets the busiest of cities. I create the magic of the season that you hold in your heart.

I am the spirit of winter and I need no holiday.

Star Chaser

StarchaserEvery night, I watch the dark sky and whisper prayers to the wind. In those prayers, I beg that the clouds be pushed far away – over the almost invisible horizon – so that the stars can come out to play.

On those nights when the wind complies and the clouds vanish, I gaze up at the twinkling lights overhead, willing my pupils to dilate more. To take it all in, not wanting to miss anything.

When I stare up, I’m not stargazing. Not counting the constellations. I’m watching. Waiting. Ready.

If I stay up most of the night, eyes wide and neck bent back, I Continue reading


wildShe was a fierce thing, wild and bold, all bared teeth and tattooed skin.

We found her – captured her – when surveying her planet. She saw our ship and, pulled by that unyielding universal curiosity, wandered from the safety of her village to investigate. That was when we took her.

It wasn’t hard in terms of physical struggle. Though she was strong and had more fight than fear, we had technology, which was more than an unfair advantage.

We gave her a room on the ship. Took a strand of her hair and a swab of her saliva for study. Examined the stitching on her clothing. The ink that lay just below the surface of her skin. We studied the rudimentary language she spoke – though we were only able to collect short bursts of data when she would scream at us.

We worked as quickly as we could, promising ourselves and one another that we would return her to her home as swiftly as possible. As soon as we had gotten our answer.

It was expected that, for each day Continue reading

In the Grass

In the GrassIt was hour seven of our drive, nothing by the empty country road behind and ahead. Our eyes had grown heavy, mirroring the drooping motion of the sun as it dipped ever closer to the horizon.

“We should rest soon,” I muttered, turning up the radio, hoping to keep myself awake for just a few miles more.

You said something, but I could hardly hear it over the dampening effect that my exhaustion had cast over all my senses.

“Hmm?” It was a bleary inquiry. A half hearted attempt to understand what you were saying to me.

You jabbed at the radio, your eyes wide open now, reflecting the light of the full moon that had awoken at the retreat of the sun.

“Stop the car!” you shouted, breaking Continue reading


AwakeBefore you, I was sleeping, deep in a dream far removed from lucidity. But you grabbed my hand and shook me until I opened my eyes.

You woke me up.

You woke up my body, my senses, my mind. Colors became more vibrant. Tastes became more flavorful. Smells became more complex.

You took me on adventures, showing me universes I never knew existed and corners of myself that I never thought to look in.

You told me that there was so much for me to learn and I hungered Continue reading