Sci-Fi VS. Fantasy

Welcome to the Sci-Fi VS. Fantasy Challenge!

Sci-fi and (surrealist) fantasy are two of my favorite genres to write in. But I’ve found that often I am tempted to write a story two different ways. It’s not always the case that content determines genre – sometimes genre determines content. In this Sci-Fi VS. Fantasy feature, I’ll be posting stories back-to-back (Part 1 one week and Part 2 the next). They will both revolve around the same concept, but will either be written in the sci-fi or fantasy genre.

If you have any suggestions for concepts that you’d like to see me write a Sci-Fi VS. Fantasy round about, let me know in the comments below or send me an email at or tweet me!

Click below to read past Sci-Fi VS. Fantasy stories!

Concept: A place where souls/lives are created.
Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Concept: Someone who can track others by their blood.
Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Concept: Flying becomes possible for humans
Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Concept: It become possible to predict if someone is predisposed to crime.
Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Concept: Bigfoot.
Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Concept: An object that can destroy the world.
Sci-Fi | Fantasy

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