“The Only Cartographer” Series

“The Only Cartographer” began in March 2014 as a singular story that was the product of one of the Story Shuffle prompts at The Sprint Shack (the site I co-founded/author). It’s a bit longer than most pieces found here on Little Write Lies – and very different from what I usually write. I initially intended to use this prompt as a morning writing warm up, but it ended up evolving into a story that I’ve continued past the initial post. Admittedly, I cheated a bit and placed the story in NEW Persia instead of the originally stated Persia.

The Story Shuffle prompt required I used the following elements in the story:
Character bio: Ex-pirate-turned-travelling-salesman
Setting: Persia
Year/Era: 3014
Item of interest: Enchanted canvas


The story is still developing and I post new segments as they’re ready. Here are all the current parts of the series in the order that they were posted. Enjoy!

The Only Cartographer Series

The Only Cartographer
Passage to the Isles
The Old Collector
The Long Way
A Simple Knock

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