The Suicide of the Moon

THESUICIDEAn army of men that set about cleaning the moon each month. A cursed queen. A man whose job is to create moons. A love story. A couple overwhelmed by the emptiness of their home. A lonely deity. All these stories – and more – are centered around the theme of the moon and can be found in the pages of “The Suicide of the Moon.”

In this collection of twelve flash fiction stories (super short stories), the moon is portrayed as many things: capricious, rebellious, sad, dangerous, magical, playful, and delicious. It shifts its personality throughout the stories, just as it shifts through its phases each month. The stories found in “The Suicide of the Moon” range from fantasy to literary. While varied, the stories all raise questions about human nature in its most crucial forms: curiosity, sacrifice, desperation, vengeance, and love. And they also examine, of course, our fascination with the Earth’s closest celestial object.

You can find Taylor Eaton’s debut collection of flash fiction stories on Amazon, Nook, and Kobo. Make sure to leave a review on any of these sites (or Goodreads) after reading!

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Praise for The Suicide of the Moon.

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